Belgian fries🍟

…Les Belges consider ‘frietjes’ a main course, especially when served with a wide range of profine toppings. My two favorites: Vlemish beef stew and fresh raw egg…

Zucchini rolls with smoked salmon and nori

This one is for all the sushi lovers and it takes only 20 minutes get it done.

Consommé 🐣

‘One of the signs of great chef is the ability to make good consommé, which is beautifully clear, rich soup.’ Heston Blumenthal


Buttery shell shaped delicacy became world wide famous, since Marcel Proust’s novel ‘In Remembrance of Things Past’. In the novel narrator dips ‘petites madeleines’ in a tea cup and as soon as the warm liquid with crumbs in it touches his palette, he is transported in time to his childhood. In the literature this became…