Hello and welcome to my journey! Things I’ve learned and read about — is what in a nutshell would describe this chronicle.
I was born in Sarajevo, but growing up, I have called many cities my home. I’ve realized that home is not where one was born, but where you heart is. Currently, I am living with my own little family in charming Luxembourg.
Being one of the richest cities in Europe, showed on the polished exterior. More than half of the people who call it home are immigrants French, Belgian, Portuguese… it became a real melting pot.
I will leave you to discover this trough my entries and if I manage to inspire you to get into your kitchens and make some of the dishes or visit one of the places where they originated, well than my mission is completed!
I would be delighted to get any feedback or suggestions. Drop me a line on fleurdelelielux@gmail.com.
Au revoir!