Hello and welcome to my journey! Things I’ve learned, seen and read about — is what in a nutshell would describe this chronicle.
I was born in Sarajevo, but growing up, I have called many cities my home. Although moving so much was not fun when I was younger, I understand now that it was a win, for one it got me out of my comfort zone and I like to believe more open minded. I have realized that home is not where one was born, but where you heart is.
Currently, I am living with my own little family in charming Luxembourg. My husband and I knew when we first visited that this is the place we see ourselves starting our life. We moved and little after got a baby.
Being one of the richest cities in Europe showed on the  appearance. I just love its posh exterior! More than half of the people who call it home are immigrants French, Belgian, Portuguese… it became a real melting pot.
I will leave you to discover this trough my entries and if I manage to inspire you to get into your kitchens and make some of the dishes or visit one of the places where they originated, well than my mission is completed!
I would be delighted to get any feedback or suggestions. Drop me a line on fleurdelelielux@gmail.com.
Au revoir!