Consommé 🐣


‘One of the signs of great chef is the ability to make good consommé, which is beautifully clear, rich soup.’ Heston Blumenthal

It’s incredible difficult to make and it takes a lot of equipment and technique that in the end you loose any desire, that is until I’ve red Heston’s book ‘Heston Blumenthal at home’, where he revealed genius’s simplified technique that results in consommé as good as you will find in any Michelin star restaurant, to paraphrase him.  Since then, I make it each time I like to impress my guests and start  a dinner or a lunch on a high note.  The only problem you have after that is figuring out what to serve next, since you raised the bar so high with the starter. Here is my tweaked version based on Blumenthal’s method and tricks.
Basically, to get to that roasted chicken flavor packed clear consommé you have to make an amazing chicken stock and freeze it. Once defrosted and sifted through a sieve lined with a wet muslin will leave you with the most wonderful consommé. Before serving just lightly heat it up and a dash of gold leaf, although not necessary, for an extra impact. Do not discard the gelatinous part of the stock trapped in the wet muslin. It is wonderful for adding extra depth to sauces, stews etc, for that hidden extra ingredient.
Roast chicken consommé 🐣
Skill: Easy
Time: 20 min preparation + 2,5 hours cooking + freezing time
2 kg chicken wings
2 tbsp milk powder
1 Tbsp good butter
2 medium shallots
2 big carrots
400 g mushrooms
1 celery salk
2 l water
Start by preheating your oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
In the baking pan arrange wings and scatter milk powder over. Toss them lightly to coat evenly. Bake for 40 min.
Push veggies through a meat grinder and sweat them in the pressure cooker using butter for 10 minutes or if you don’t have a meat grinder then sweat the shallots first until nice and translucent.
Add carrots and continue until nice and soft and at last add mushrooms to the mixture and continue frying for a few extra minutes, or until they perfume nicely the mixture.
Lastly, add the browned meat.
Pour over 2 liters luke warm water and cover with the lid.
Boil for 1,5 hours after it starts letting steam out.
Let the pressure cooker cool nicely before trying to open it and sift the stock through fine sieve lined with wet muslin.
Frees it in desired portions and before serving consommé, defrost again using fine sieve lined with wet muslin and warm up lightly.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hedwin says:

    Heb ik al mogen eten en is heel lekker smaakt naar meer.

  2. Sara H says:

    Looks amazing! 👏👏

  3. bhaalu says:

    Very interesting. Should this be served warm or cold?

    1. fleurdelelie says:

      It’s best once warmed up lightly, though, cold doesn’t taste bad either ☺

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